David A. Kareken

Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Psychology
Primary Appointment: IU School of Medicine

Current Research

Research in my laboratory uses functional neuroimaging techniques to study the human olfactory system, and its function in health and disease. We are also interested in how the chemical senses can be used to study appetitive drive, both for natural rewards and for drugs of abuse.

Select Publications

Yoder, K.K., Albrecht, D.S., Kareken, D.A., Federici, L.M., Perry, K.M., Patton, E.A., Zheng, Q-H, Mock, B.H., O’Connor, S., & Herring, C.M.  (2011). Test-retest Variability of [11C]Raclopride Binding Potential in Nontreatment-Seeking Alcoholics. Synapse, 65, 553-561.

Rupp J., Dzemidzic, M., Blekher, T., West, J., Hui, S., Wojcieszek, J., Saykin, A.J., Kareken, D.A., Foroud, T. (2011).  Vertical antisaccade latency tracks gray matter atrophy in premanifest and early manifest Huntington disease.  Neuropsychology, 25, 306-318.

Kareken, D.A., Liang, T., Wetherill, L., Dzemidzic, M., Bragulat, V., Cox, C., Talavage, T., O’Connor, S.J., & Foroud, T. (in press).  A Polymorphism in GABRA2 is Associated with the Medial Frontal Response to Alcohol Cues in an fMRI Study.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Bragulat, V., Dzemidzic, M., Bruno, C., Cox, C.A., Talavage, T.A., Considine, R.V., Kareken, D.A. (2010). Food-Related Odor Probes of Brain Reward Circuits during Hunger: A Pilot fMRI.  Obesity, 18, 1566-1571.

, D.A., Bragulat, V., Dzemidzic, M. Cox, C., Talavage, T. Davidson, D. O’Connor, S.J., & Family History of Alcoholism Mediates the Frontal Response to Alcoholic Drink Odors and Alcohol in At-Risk Drinkers (2010). NeuroImage, 50, 267-276.

Yoder, K.K., Morris, E.D., Constantinescu, C.C., Cheng, T-E., Normandin, M.D., O’Connor, S.J. and Kareken, D.A (2009). When What You See Isn’t What You Get: Alcohol Cues, Alcohol Administration, Prediction Error, and Human Striatal Dopamine. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 33, 139-149.

Bragulat, V., Dzemidzic, M. Talavage, T. Davidson, D. O’Connor, S.J., & Kareken, D.A. (2008). Alcohol sensitizes cerebral responses to the odors of alcoholic drinks: An fMRI study.  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 32, 1124–1134.

Spina, S., Farlow, M.R.,  Unverzagt, F.W., Kareken, D.A., Murrell, J.R.,  Fraser, G., Epperson, F., Crowther, R.A. Spillantini, M.G., Goedert, M. & Ghetti, B.  (2008).   The tauopathy associated with mutation +3 in intron 10 of Tau: characterization of the MSTD family.  Brain. 131, 72-89.

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