Become a Neuroscience Major

Neuroscience Requirements

Current IUPUI students applying to the School of Science Neuroscience program must meet these requirements:

  • Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Complete one of the following:
    • BIOL-K101 Concepts of Biology I with a grade of C+ or better or
    • BIOL-K101 and BIOL-K103 Concepts of Biology I and II with grades of C or better or
    • PSY-B110 Introduction to Psychology with a grade of C+ or better
Contact Cynthia William to learn more about how your academic experience relates to the neuroscience requirements: (317) 278-2237 or

Declare Your Major

If you are an IUPUI student who is not in the School of Science or a current School of Science major who wants change your degree or pursue multiple majors in the School of Science:

  1. Please review the Internal Admissions Requirements before applying.

  2. Complete the Internal Admissions Application online.

Admissions decisions will take 4-6 weeks. Questions? Contact Darryl Newsom.