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  • Alumni welcome new graduates at IGNITE on the Indianapolis Canal
  • Science alumni win co-ed division at IUPUI Regatta

    Science alumni win 2015 co-ed division at IUPUI Regatta

  • Paul Doss awarded Distinguished Alumnus Award at Science on Tap

    Paul Doss awarded Distinguished Alumnus Award at Science on Tap

Alumni & Giving

IUPUI has more than 174,000 living alumni

Our alumni from the School of Science pave the way for groundbreaking research, innovation and advances that take place on IUPUI's campus and across the world. You are an impressive and diverse network of passionate individuals dedicated to science. Welcome to your science community, we are glad you're here!

Get Involved

Whether it's staying active in the School of Science Alumni Association, volunteering at events or serving as a mentor, your contribution is an important part of what makes the School of Science successful. This group offers networking, volunteer and mentor opportunities, and multiple events through the year. Your contribution is an important part of what makes the School of Science successful. We have a variety of ways you can get involved:

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Distinguished Alumni Award

The IUPUI School of Science Alumni Association is soliciting nominations for the 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award.

This award is the highest honor given by the alumni association each year, and provides an excellent opportunity to recognize individuals who have contributed to the success of the School of Science, the alumni association, science-related professions, and/or the IUPUI campus.

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Career Development

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking for interns or employees, Science pre-professional & career preparation (PREPs) can help. PREPs provides career advising and exploration to alumni that are job searching or looking to change careers.

Additionally, alumni also serve as valuable employer connections and can be tapped to mentor current students, serve on panels and provide internship and other job opportunities. Alumni serve as valuable employer connections and give back to the school in a meaningful way by mentoring current students, serving on career panels, and/or providing internship or job opportunities. Contact Willow King Locke at wkingloc@iupui.edu for information on partnering with PREPs.

ScienceLink, the School of Science job board

If you have graduated from IUPUI School of Science within the last 6 months, you will still be able to access your existing ScienceLink account with your CAS credentials, just be sure to update your profile with your permanent email address. If you have graduated more than 6 months ago, you will need to create an account. If you have questions, email us.

Use PREPs as a resource, even after graduation! 

The School of Science Office of Pre-Professional and Career Preparation (PREPs) engages alumni in intentional academic and career planning to help translate professional goals into reality. School of Science Alumni, if you'd like to make an appointment, please email SciencePREPs@iupui.edu with "Alumni Appointment" in the subject line.

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Science Alumni Association

The School of Science Alumni Association consists of diverse individuals who look to further the professional, educational, and social interests of the School of Science and its alumni. This group offers networking, volunteer and mentor opportunities, and multiple events through the year. Connect with IUPUI School of Science Alumni on:


Our current Alumni Association Board of Directors 2016-2017

  • President: Colin Terry, MS Math, 2002
  • Vice President: Shawn Plew, Computer Science, 2004
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kalilah Shabazz, Ph.D, Psychology, 2000
  • Immediate Past President: Terra Query, Chemistry, 2004

Members At Large 2016-2017

  • David Cross, EdD., Psychology, 1979
  • Nick Estrada, Chemistry/Forensic and Investigative Science, 2011
  • Dillon Etter, Biology, 2014
  • Peggy Fisherkeller, Geology, 1999
  • Sarah Fortney, Chemistry, 2015
  • Justin Kosiba, Biology, 2004
  • Ashley Msikinya Psyhcology/Clinical Rebah 2010
  • Josh Peters, Physics, 2006
  • Lucia Rusu, Physics, 1993

Honorary Members

  • Ed Brizendine, Math, 1993
  • Erin Dotlich, Chemistry, 2003
  • Roberta Fowler, Computer Science, 1977
  • Angie Hall, Psychology, 2005
  • Jim Hutchins, Computer Science, 1994
  • Carl Sobieralski Biology, 1996
  • Eric Tinsley, Computer Science, 1982/ 1986

Ex-Officio Members

  • Simon Rhodes – Dean, School of Science
  • Kimberly Merritt – Director of Alumni Programs, IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations (BA Psychology, 1995)
  • Lindsay Heinzman – Executive Director for Development & Alumni Affairs, School of Science
  • Betsy Cooney – Associate Director, Alumni Relations and Events, School of Science
  • Willow King Locke – Director, Career Development Services, School of Science
  • Chad Johnson – Chief Operations Officer, Purdue Alumni Association

Student Representative

  • Jonathan Brown, Biophysics, 2017
  • Nicolas Hubbard, Computer Science, 2018
  • Sarine Janetsian-Frit, Addiction Neuroscience Ph.D Canidate 
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“I love teaching middle school. Especially 6th graders – everything is so new to them. It’s a great time to instill a passion for science and learning.”

Bryan Ramirez 2013 Alumnus